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Hot Springs component table

27th September, 2010 (Survey)

Source name Unzen hot water village
Hot springs component Simple sulfur hot springs (hypotonic - acidic - Hot Springs)
pH level pH2.3
Fountain temperature 41.7 ℃ (temperature: 18.8 ℃)
Amount of discharge 100L / min (artesian)
Perceptual view Colorless clear acidity hydrogen sulfide odor
Circulation system None: flushed with natural hot spring over as it is
Hot water supply and discharge method Full discharge formula: the located is in the green forest
Hot water pulling method Using of hot water pulling pipe, hot water pulling distance is about427m.
Add water None
Heating Yes: midwinter (December to March)
Normally without heating
Bath additive None
Disinfectant None: There is a disinfection action in the Sulfurous underground spring.

Hot Springs analysis report

1. Source name Unzen’s hot water native place
2. Source location Nagasaki Prefecture, Unzen city, Obama-town, Unzen 320.
3. Analysis of the hot Springs applicant Address: Nagasaki Prefecture, Unzen city, Obama-town, Unzen 414 address 4
Name: Joint-stock company Nagasaki development representative employee institutions Keiji
4. Spring quality Simple sulfur hot springs (hypotonic - acidic - Hot Springs)
5. Contraindications disease-indications based on the recuperation fountain classification
Bath of contraindications disease 1) General contraindications disease
Acute disease (especially when some of the heat), active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, severe heart disease, respiratory failure, renal failure, bleeding disorders, severe anemia, other general diseases in disease progression, during pregnancy (especially initial and end-stage)
2)Spring contraindication another type of diseases
Skin, irritable people especially ray hypersensitivity of the mucosa
Indications of bath 1) General indications
Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, stiffness of joints, and bruises, and sprains, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, illness recovery period, fatigue recovery, health promotion
2) Spring another type indication
Chronic skin diseases, chronic women's diseases, cuts, diabetes
General Notes of bathing A. When starting the hot spring cure, the first few days of the bathing could be frequency of about once a day. After that, it could be up to twice a day, and until three times a day.

B. Hot springs required period for recuperation in general is two to three weeks to be appropriate.

C. Hot spring Recuperation appears after the start by approximately three days to before and sometimes after one week per hot water (hot water touched or bathhouse reaction). During the "per hot water" is the number of times bathing reduce or discontinue bathing, that you wait for the recovery of symptoms per hot water.

D. In addition to, be careful about the following points in the bath.
  (A) Although bathing time varies depending on bath temperature but initially it’s set to 3 minutes to about 10 minutes, and may be extended in accordance to what is accustomed.
  (B) During bathing, to protect the general rest as in the another case of exercise bath.
  (C) After bathing, not wash away the components of the hot springs attached to the body with water (or easy to people who cause a sore hot water in reverse at later bath with fresh water wash the body, good to wipe the hot spring component).
  (D) After bathing to pay attention to hot water to cool as to protect the rest of the fixed period of time
  (E) For the next disease, and contraindicated high temperature bath (42 ℃ or more) as a general rule.
    B, A high degree of arterial sclerosis
    R, hypertension
    H, Heart disease
  (Ka) To be careful the hot springs may suddenly enter and cause dizziness, etc.
  (Ki) It’s desirable to avoid bathing before and after a meal.
  (Ku) Especially to be careful of drinking and bathing.

(Note) This Appendix is to be the reference materials necessary for the post by the hot springs Law Article 14.
October 14th, 2010
Hot Springs registered laboratory Nagasaki Prefecture No. 2
Nagasaki Prefecture, Sasebo city, Mikawachishin town, 26 No. 1
TEL 0956-20-3232 FAX0956-20-3233
Western environmental research Co., Ltd.
Director representative Yamaguchi Yuoya
※ This component is based on the survey conducted in September 27, 2010.

〒854-0621, Nagasaki Prefecture, Unzen city, Obama-town Unzen380
Emergency Contact: 0957-73-2002 (gate)
※ Equipped with parking 50 cars, and support Wi-Fi

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