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Leisure hot water shop

I would not in the milk and coffee milk that went into the bottle after bath Speaking of public bathhouse! Ategokkungokkun Hand On Hip! Well ~, I feel Japanese.
Please use Unzen’s uniform shop for potato chips and hot water vanguard, pomelo, pickles, etc and also for souvenirs.

Shampoo, rinse, body soap Each 80 yen
Shower cap 20 yen
Face towel 150 yen
Shave 40 yen
Hair brush (comb) 50 yen
There is also a pumice and charcoal treatment.

Leisure hot water popular products shop

Leisure hot water flower

Unzen potato chips hot water vanguard.

Nostalgic bottle of milk & coffee

Pomelo pickles and white ship, Black Ships

Hot springs lemonade

〒854-0621, Nagasaki Prefecture, Unzen city, Obama-town Unzen380
Emergency Contact: 0957-73-2002 (gate)
※ Equipped with parking 50 cars, and support Wi-Fi

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