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Outside look

We aim to unusual wind hot springs facility.
In the spacious time, we hope that you'll take back to home with you the discovery and surprise of the memories.

Rest area (free resting place and pay private room)

We have prepared a free resting place in order to enjoy the many times leisure hot water across the break to those who want to do noisily with people and friends, but if you want to enjoy your nap it is recommended to pay private room. How about to enjoy beer after bath on the terrace!

Inn count room A

"Unzen leisure hot" in hot spring Samadhi, villas mood handy! There are available to be rent weekly, monthly at a special price.

Inn count room B


Both men and women indoor bath 1, 2 stalls, family hot water
Unzen hot springs from the old days, is perfect for spring quality in hot spring cure. Leisure hot water of spring water also heals the mind and body in which to spend time spacious.
Hot spring color light green. Or slightly whiter depending on the season, it is fun precisely because it flowed over or was withholding 100 percent green.
Family hot water will be charged separately, but it is an open-air bath of only them. There is no widely but please enjoy the private space.

Women's bath

Women's open-air bath

Private baths A

Private baths B

Men's bath

Men’s open-air bath


I would not in the milk and coffee milk that went into the bottle after bath Speaking of public bathhouse! Ategokkungokkun Hand On Hip! Well ~, I feel Japanese.
Please use Unzen’s uniform shop for potato chips and hot water vanguard, pomelo, pickles, etc and also for souvenirs.

Here is Shop



Hot spring cure

I want to slowly heal the body!

Weekly or monthly room rental

Facilities in the bathtub

It has become a place of soap only.
We sell in the shop, such as shampoo.

Parking place

Of course, it is parking facilities.
About 50 cars in front facilities, also it’s provided with a space in the next building for few cars

Price list

Daily or Weekly or monthly rental room

Accommodation room (one room, two persons) Daily (1 days) 6,000 yen (excluding tax)
Weekly (7 days) 34,000 yen (excluding tax)
Monthly (30 days) 88,000 yen (excluding tax)

※per person per night : 3,500yen (excluding tax)

※ Water and sewerage, electricity, gas bills and bathing fee (special price) will be actual cost.

Leisure hot water

Big bath General 400 yen
Member 300 yen
Children 200 yen
Private family hot water (one hour, one room) Charter fee of 1,000 yen
Adults 500 yen
Children 200 yen
Private break room 1,000 yen per one to two hours
500 yen per one hour thereafter
※ The price includes consumption tax.


〒854-0621, Nagasaki Prefecture, Unzen city, Obama-town Unzen380
Emergency Contact: 0957-73-2002 (gate)
※ Equipped with parking 50 cars, and support Wi-Fi

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